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Maven 3.5.0 colored output (Video)
Inject Kubernetes ConfigMap values with Java EE & WildFly
How to change private static final fields
How to change environment variables in Java
W-JAX 2016 — Testing, aber richtig (in German)
How to choose technology
Wrap-up early 2017
Video Course — Event Sourcing, Distributed Systems & CQRS
Video Course — Developer Productivity
Leichtgewichtiges Java EE — Java Aktuell Artikel (in German)
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Java EE — the most lightweight enterprise framework?
Video Course — REST as in Hypermedia with Java
How to be productive (as a developer)
Why I’m using Java EE
Released JAX-RS Analyzer v0.10
Siren 4 Java EE Hypermedia Client (Video)
Designing and implementing REST acceptance tests (Video)
JavaOne 2016 Lightweight Java EE talk
Thoughts on Java EE 8 roadmap update
Link to JAX-RS resources (Video)
JavaZone 2016 Lightweight Java EE talk
Hypermedia REST workshops in Oslo
Java EE workshops in Munich
Java activities for end of 2016
JavaOne 2016 sessions
First look at JUnit 5
Hacking with the JSONB 1.0 Public Review
Java EE workshops in Munich
Introducing Siren 4 Java EE 1.0
Enabling Hypermedia REST with JAX-RS
Thoughts on JSRs, TCKs and Open Source
Testing Java EE (or why integration tests are overrated)
Stop saying “heavyweight”
On tour with NightHacking
JSON mapping polymorphism support
Thoughts on Java EE 8
Making Java esoteric — adding a maybe keyword (Video)
Thoughts on JSONB (or one of the main advantages of Java EE)
Create links to JAX-RS resources
Maven multiple module overhead (Video)
UTF-8 charset as constant in Java
Analyze Maven build time
Making Java esoteric — adding a maybe keyword
Running Java Web Start Apps in a Docker sandbox
Released JAX-RS Analyzer v0.5
AsciiBlog on JavaEE MVC (JSR 371)
JAX-RS Analyzer explained (Video)
Released JAX-RS Analyzer v0.4
AsciiBlog Application explained (Video)
Log JPA schema creation with Hibernate
JPA joined subclass strategy example
JCache with MapDB as persistence provider
Simple and powerful cache in JavaEE
Java collections as JAX-RS JSON response on TomEE
Blog written in AsciiDoc (Update)
Released JAX-RS Analyzer v0.3
Feature list of JAX-RS Analyzer (v0.2)
Released JAX-RS Analyzer
Jenkins as a docker orchestrator
Import self-signed SSL certificate in Java
Unorthodox docker connection without links
Blog written entirely in AsciiDoc
Java 8 Comparator