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Helpful Command Line Scripts and Automation in My Setup

#productivity #commandline friday, january 06, 2023

In this video, I’ve put together some command line scripts and automation helpers from my setup that are part of my everyday work.



Command Line Scripts

For examples, have a look here

  • timer — sets a timer

  • browse-inboxes — opens the everyday inbox sites as browser tabs

  • start-intellij — starts my IDE and opens the current directory as project

  • todos-add — adds a line as todo in my DayCaptain task inbox — tools on GitHub

  • exiftool — changes/removes EXIF data from images; I’m using the following to remove (almost) all EXIF data:

    exiftool -gps:all= -make= -model= -alldates= -lensmake= -lens= -lensmodel= \
     -scene= -fnumber= -exposuretime= -iso= -focallength= -shutter=
  • i3-screencast-active-window — records the screen in the currently focused window as GIF

  • presentation-mode — changes my CLI font setup via .Xresources files

  • build-{invoice,letter,…​} — creates an invoice/letter/document as PDF from AsciiDoc

  • git-graph — shows the Git history as ASCII graph

  • git-update — adds/commits/pulls/pushes all changes in the current Git repository

  • mvn-quarkus — creates an empty Quarkus Maven project

  • create-gitignore — creates a typical .gitignore file

  • key-mon — displays the keystrokes on screen

  • capitalize-title — capitalizes English titles: blog post

  • time-until — calculates the hours / minutes until a point in time

  • timezones — shows the local time in other time zones


More Information


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