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Global gitignore

friday, december 06, 2019

A widely used Git feature is to use local .gitignore files which list which names and patterns of files and directories will be ignored within the Git repository.
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Managing multiple Java installations

tuesday, december 03, 2019

With more and more Java releases coming up, it’ll be more interesting to manage multiple Java installations on your local environment. Different projects may require different Java versions.
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Efficient enterprise testing — conclusion (6/6)

friday, october 04, 2019

This last part of the series will cover additional end-to-end tests, testing in production, and a conclusion of the parts.
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Efficient enterprise testing — test frameworks (5/6)

tuesday, october 01, 2019

This part of the article series will cover test frameworks and my thoughts and experiences on when and whether to apply them.
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Efficient enterprise testing — workflows & code quality (4/6)

sunday, september 29, 2019

This part of the article will cover the impact of having effective workflows during our development sessions as well as how proper test code quality enables us to create maintainable tests, especially for complex projects.
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Efficient enterprise testing — integration tests (3/6)

thursday, september 26, 2019

This part of the series will show how to verify our applications with code-level as well as system-level integration tests.
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Efficient enterprise testing — unit & use case tests (2/6)

thursday, september 12, 2019

In the first part of the series we saw some generally applicable principles and constraints that effective tests should fulfill. In this part, we will have a closer look at code-level unit tests and component or use case tests.
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Thoughts on efficient enterprise testing (1/6)

thursday, september 12, 2019

Testing in the enterprise is still a topic that is not as extensively used as it should be. Writing and especially maintaining tests takes times and effort, however, cutting short on software tests can’t be the solution. Which scopes, approaches, and test technology should be pursue in order to make testing more efficient?
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