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My content favorites of 2020

wednesday, january 06, 2021

I’m happy that I could share a lot again in 2020, on Enterprise Java, cloud technology, graph databases, developer productivity, and more. Here are my personal favorites of content that I’ve produced in 2020:
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Undo feature with Neo4J & Enterprise Java

thursday, december 24, 2020

I’ve created an example how to implement an undo feature in a Quarkus application that uses a Neo4J database. From a user perspective, an undo action might look little spectacular, but once you know what needs to be taken into account on a database side, it’s everything but trivial. Especially in graph databases, we need to take the relationships into account.
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Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers (Update)

thursday, december 10, 2020

In an earlier video, I shared how to run the Quarkus remote-dev mode in Docker containers, which is very helpful for local and remote development environments. Since Quarkus version 1.6, however, the way how we execute the remote dev mode has changed.
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Video course on cloud-native CI/CD with Tekton & ArgoCD

thursday, november 12, 2020

A lot of enterprise workloads have been moved to cloud-native environments, powered by Kubernetes or OpenShift. Yet, many projects are struggling with updating their Continuous Delivery stack. In this video course, I want to show how to implement a proper Continuous Delivery pipeline for modern Enterprise Java projects, using Tekton and ArgoCD.
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Interview with Adam Bien — The Effective Developer podcast

monday, september 14, 2020

In The Effective Developer podcast, I’m sharing insights, tips, and tricks on how to become more productive as a software developer. I’ve also started to interview interesting developers and folks in IT and in the latest episode, I had a change to speak with Java Guru Adam Bien, who is well-known in the Enterprise Java space.
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AMA live session next Monday

tuesday, july 21, 2020

Next Monday, July 27th, I’ll be holding another live Q&A session, but this time, it’ll be ask me anything, without a predefined topic. Whether you have a question about being a developer advocate, Java Champion, or coffee enthusiast, I’m looking forward to your questions.
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Creating presentations with VIM (Video)

tuesday, july 21, 2020

When giving presentations, I usually don’t use slides, but a live-coding and live-demoing approach, with some minimalistic “editor-like” slides using VIM. I’ve got asked many times how to make these presentations, so I decided to record a video how to create technical presentations in VIM, with ASCII art diagrams, colored highlights, and some scripting.
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Pragmatic database migrations with Quarkus and Flyway (Video)

saturday, july 18, 2020

I’ve recorded a video in which I’ll show how to perform database migrations in Quarkus applications using the Flyway Quarkus Extension.
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