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Jakarta EE plus MicroProfile on Open Liberty (Video)

tuesday, january 15, 2019

I’ve recorded a video in which I want to show why it makes sense to develop Enterprise Java applications with both Java EE and MicroProfile. I’ll show how to use MicroProfile projects to fill the gaps in Java EE when building cloud native microservice applications.
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Difference between Java EE, Jakarta EE & MicroProfile (Video)

sunday, january 06, 2019

A Devoxx BE 2018, I was interviewed by Yolande Poirier what the difference is between Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile and what to choose for Enterprise Java projects. I gave a talk about that topic and shared my thoughts and recommendation.
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Selecting Git commits by message

sunday, january 06, 2019

In order to checkout, cherry-pick, or reset Git commits, you don’t have to provide their SHA commit hash. All commits can be referred to by their message, by using the pattern :/<part-of-message>, which comes in very handy when using Git from the command line.
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Monitoring resiliency behavior with MicroProfile (Video)

wednesday, december 19, 2018

I’ve recorded a video how to get technical metrics of our resiliency mechanism without effort with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1. Now, Fault Tolerance includes metrics that are by default emitted via the metrics endpoints. We’ll also see how we can use and visualize this information with Prometheus and Grafana.
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Configuring Open Liberty Datasources via Kubernetes Secrets

friday, december 14, 2018

In Open Liberty, configuration of datasource credentials is typically done in the server.xml file. If we use containers and container orchestration, we ideally make use of Infrastructure-as-Code and store all configuration under version control. However, this is certainly not desired for these datasource credentials. For that reason, Kubernetes secret definitions allow us to separately store secret values that shouldn’t be visible to everyone in our clusters.
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Open Liberty Override Configuration

wednesday, december 12, 2018

Open Liberty can be easily configured using the server.xml file in it’s config directory. If you’re running your servers in Docker containers you might need to specify multiple levels of configuration, for instance company-internal base images, which might need to define specific properties that are overridden or extended by the applications. Open Liberty offers multiple XML configuration override locations to solve these situations in a practical way.
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Webinar on Java Microservice Development

monday, december 03, 2018

On Wed, Dec 5th, 4 pm CET, I’m giving a webinar on how to face the challenges of Java microservice development in cloud environments.
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Seeking New Challenges

thursday, november 01, 2018

I’ve been working as a freelancer for almost 4 years now. I started with helping companies in their software project, as external consultant, developer, and architect. The more I attended and spoke at conferences, the more I enjoyed the development community, and sharing knowledge. In the last two years, I mostly spoke at conferences, traveled around, gave client workshops and consulting engagement, and tried to engage other enterprise developers as much as possible. This is what I want to focus on more.
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