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Editing structured text effectively with Vim

monday, january 17, 2022

I’ve been asked to do some more coding sessions, and especially to slowly explain which Vim features I’m using to effectively edit structured text. I’ve recorded a coding session in which I’m showing two examples for which Vim recordings and other features really shine.
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The Log4Shell vulnerability and how to fix it

sunday, december 12, 2021

Since Friday, the Java and general IT world has been in a bit of turmoil after a zero-day vulnerability in the widely-used logging framework Log4j has been disclosed. The vulnerability enables remote code execution (RCE) and affects, well, a lot of Java applications.
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Coding Session — 99 bottles of beer

thursday, november 25, 2021

I’ve been asked to record some coding sessions, in order to show my setup, what tools and shortcuts I use, and maybe to give a bit of inspiration. In the following video, I’ll code the song “99 bottles of beer” in Java:
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Using JaCoCo to measure system test coverage

monday, november 01, 2021

Measuring test coverage of your production code can quickly become a heated topic, especially with regards to which percentage is the right number. In the video, I want to show you a different approach to usual code coverage, one that uses system tests with the application’s endpoints, in order to see how well our test scenarios cover all use cases.
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Executing IntelliJ actions with IdeaVim

thursday, september 30, 2021

I’ve been showing some tips on how to use IntelliJ more effectively, before. In this video, we’ll see how to trigger IntelliJ IDE actions using the IdeaVim environment, to save ourselves a few hand movements and be even more productive:
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Configuring plain Java projects using MicroProfile Config

friday, september 03, 2021

If you’re in the Enterprise Java space, you’re probably aware that you can use MicroProfile Config to configure your applications. This also works with plain Java projects, without an enterprise runtime, by using a MicroProfile implementation such as Smallrye. In this video, I’m showing how to do this, and in which circumstances it might be helpful:
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Running complex project setups with Testcontainers

wednesday, august 25, 2021

In a lot of my #testing content, I’ve been showing how to run projects locally, for example by using Docker containers. In this video, I’m showing how to build up a complex project setup using Testcontainers, while keeping a flexible and efficient development workflow.
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Building recommendations with Neo4j & Quarkus

wednesday, august 18, 2021

In the following content, I’ll explain how to build recommendations with graph databases, especially Neo4j. I’ll use an example that recommends coffee beans, based on their flavors and user rating.
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