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Webinar on Java Microservice Development

monday, december 03, 2018

On Wed, Dec 5th, 4 pm CET, I’m giving a webinar on how to face the challenges of Java microservice development in cloud environments.
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Seeking New Challenges

thursday, november 01, 2018

I’ve been working as a freelancer for almost 4 years now. I started with helping companies in their software project, as external consultant, developer, and architect. The more I attended and spoke at conferences, the more I enjoyed the development community, and sharing knowledge. In the last two years, I mostly spoke at conferences, traveled around, gave client workshops and consulting engagement, and tried to engage other enterprise developers as much as possible. This is what I want to focus on more.
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Zero-Downtime Rolling Updates With Istio

thursday, october 18, 2018

The first part of this article series explained how to achieve real zero-downtime updates in Kubernetes clusters. We specifically tackled request failures that arise when switching traffic from old to new instances. This article will show how to achieve the same goal using Istio clusters.
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Zero-Downtime Rolling Updates With Kubernetes

monday, october 15, 2018

The software world moves faster than ever. In order to stay competitive, new software versions need to be rolled out as soon as possible, without disrupting active users. Many enterprises have moved their workloads to Kubernetes, which has been built with production-readiness in mind. However, in order to achieve real zero-downtime with Kubernetes, without breaking or loosing a single in-flight request, we need to take a few more steps.
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Jakarta EE And MicroProfile At CodeOne

sunday, october 07, 2018

At this year’s Oracle Code One conference, I’ll present several sessions on enterprise software, and especially modern Java Enterprise, Java EE, what will be continued as Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile. My motivation is to present how to make modern Enterprise Java, in the era of cloud native, container orchestration, and service meshes. I’m especially keen to show how Java EE / Jakarta EE and MicroProfile play along and complement each other.
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Instrumenting Porcupine With Prometheus & Grafana

friday, september 28, 2018

Adam Bien’s Porcupine library makes it easy to configure dedicated executor services that act as application bulkheads. I’ve created an extension that exposes the Porcupine statistics via MicroProfile Metrics. We can furthermore make the instrumentation visible via Prometheus and Grafana dashboards.
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Video Course — Java EE 8 on Docker & Kubernetes

sunday, september 02, 2018

I’ve created a video course on how to containerize Java EE 8 applications with Docker and Kubernetes. The course is targeted for Java Enterprise developers who want or need to run their applications in containers and container orchestration technology. It covers all developers need to know to get up and running with Docker and Kubernetes, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
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My Chroma Keying Video Setup

sunday, september 02, 2018

In the past, I’ve been asked multiple times how I built my video chroma keying setup. I’ve recorded a video which explains my motivations for building such a setup and the software and components I’m currently using.
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