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WildFly Kubernetes exec probes

tuesday, november 07, 2017

Liveness and readiness probes tell Kubernetes whether a pod is running and ready to do some work. An enterprise application can probe the status of an application via HTTP. If no HTTP endpoint is exposed Kubernetes can also probe by executing commands.
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Dockerized Java EE 8 applications with GlassFish 5.0

saturday, october 21, 2017

GlassFish 5.0 represents the reference implementation of Java EE 8. We can dockerize Java EE 8 applications by using a GlassFish base image, such as the official oracle/glassfish.
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Jersey client dependencies for JAX-RS 2.1

tuesday, october 17, 2017

Jersey is the reference implementation of JAX-RS 2.1. The following Jersey dependencies are required in order to run a JAX-RS 2.1 client with JSON-P and JSON-B mapping outside of an enterprise container.
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jSpirit 2018 unconference (Video)

sunday, october 15, 2017

I’m glad to announce the jSpirit unconference. Held in the Bavarian alps, jSpirit is a Java unconference at the facilities of Europe’s modernest distillery.
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Prometheus with Java EE (Video)

monday, october 09, 2017

I have uploaded a video in which I show how to realize business metrics by integrating Prometheus into Java EE applications.
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Book on modern Java EE (Video)

sunday, october 08, 2017

I’m very happy to announce my new book “Architecting Modern Java EE Applications”! The motivation behind this was to show how Java EE fits the modern world of enterprise applications.
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Thoughts on Opening up Java EE

saturday, august 19, 2017

Oracle just announced to opening up Java EE by planning to move its specifications, TCKs and RIs to an open source foundation. The reason for that is that the current process is not seen flexible and agile enough. Oracle would “like to do better” and hopes “to address the perception about the openness […​] of the current process”.
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Kubernetes IDE support with IntelliJ (Video)

tuesday, august 01, 2017

I have uploaded a video in which I show how IntelliJ supports Kubernetes with the Kubernetes and OpenShift Resource plugin and live-templates. A few developers are struggling with the YAML format, the indentation of the key-value pairs and the Kubernetes resources specification. The plugin for IntelliJ as well as live-templates are there to help you.
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