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MicroProfile’s Role in the Age of Jakarta EE

friday, august 03, 2018

Since it’s creation, MicroProfile has gained a lot of traction and produced a variety of specifications. Originally, it was created to advance enterprise Java for a microservice world, with faster progress, driven by multiple vendors. Now, with Java EE being transformed to Jakarta EE under the Eclipse Foundation, how does MicroProfile reasonably fit into the picture within the Enterprise Java universe?
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Thoughts On Jakarta EE’s Vision

monday, july 30, 2018

Jakarta EE is currently being formed under the Eclipse Foundation. In order to align the future development, directions, and marketing to the industry, many claim that it’s crucial for the Jakarta EE community to share a common vision or mission statement that the technology will follow.
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MicroProfile Fault Tolerance With Java EE (Video)

friday, july 06, 2018

I’ve recorded a video how to make Java EE applications more resilient using MicroProfile Fault Tolerance.
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Applying Bulkheads And Backpressure to Java EE (Video)

wednesday, july 04, 2018

I’ve recorded a video how to apply bulkheads and backpressure to Java EE applications using asynchronous JAX-RS resources and Adam Bien’s Porcupine library.
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Improving Your Command Line Productivity (Video)

monday, june 25, 2018

I recorded a video about how to improve your productivity on the Unix command line.
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Increasing Shell Productivity With Zsh Aliases

sunday, june 24, 2018

The zsh shell, such as many others, supports aliases to minimize the amount of typing required. Beside simple command aliases, zsh comes with a multitude of extended alias features.
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Proposed Jakarta EE Design Principles

saturday, june 09, 2018

Jakarta EE is slowly emerging, and with it future enterprise specifications. In order to align the different standards and technology that are about to be formed it might be valuable that the Enterprise Java community agrees upon design principles for Jakarta EE specifications.
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Off to another motorbike dev tour in Japan

tuesday, may 01, 2018

This year Steve Chin and myself will go on our third edition of a developer engagement motorcycle tour in Japan. Maybe you remember the wrap-up video that was shown on last year’s JavaOne conference:
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