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Video course — Effective keyboard usage for developers

monday, may 27, 2019

When I watch developers in projects, I usually see a lot of room for improvement in their keyboard usage. Most developers would agree that you’re more productive for the majority of development tasks, when you’re typing instead of using a mouse or touch screen.
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Hot-deploying into Kubernetes using Telepresence & WAD

saturday, may 11, 2019

When you’re testing your enterprise application in a Kubernetes environment, the turnaround for changing, re-packaging, and re-deploying your application can become quite high. Telepresence aims to mitigate this, by proxying a locally running process into our Kubernetes cluster, as if the local process were part of the cluster. If we combine that approach with a hot-redeploy tool such as WAD we can vastly improve our development productivity.
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Thoughts on the Jakarta EE package name change

wednesday, may 08, 2019

The Eclipse Foundation announced that Jakarta EE cannot continue to use the javax package name. Apparently this comes with the fact that while Java EE bases on this name, no further modifications are allowed to classes or packages starting with that name.
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Thoughts on Quarkus

monday, april 08, 2019

Quarkus, the new “supersonic, subatomic” Java framework is currently getting a lot of attention. The ideas behind this build and runtime tool are indeed more than interesting for the future of enterprise Java. What are the benefits and shortcomings of using Quarkus?
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Hot-deploying Java Enterprise with WAD & Docker (Video)

wednesday, march 27, 2019

I’ve recorded a video how to minimize the development turnaround times with Watch and Deploy (WAD) by Adam Bien and Docker containers. The WAD tool watches for file changes and will re-build and re-deploy our applications to an auto-deployment directory. We’ll see how that approach can be integrated into containers that are created by the same Docker images that run in production.
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Monitoring Open Liberty with Prometheus & Grafana (Video)

wednesday, march 13, 2019

I’ve recorded a video how to add monitoring to Open Liberty instances using Prometheus and Grafana, by simply configuring server features.
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Applying Bulkheads And Backpressure using MicroProfile (Video)

sunday, march 03, 2019

I’ve recorded a video how to implement the bulkheads and backpressure using MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. The idea behind bulkheads is to split applications into several execution units that isolate functionality. In enterprise Java applications this typically means to define multiple thread pools.
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Monitor applications using Prometheus Operator on Kubernetes

sunday, february 24, 2019

You can make the Prometheus configuration aware of the Kubernetes environment your applications are running in. I’ve described how to do that manually, in a previous blog post. Prometheus Operator is an extension to Kubernetes that manages Prometheus monitoring instances in a more automated and effective way.
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