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W-JAX 2016 — Testing, aber richtig (in German)

thursday, march 16, 2017

Die Aufzeichnung meiner W-JAX 2016 Session, wie man Java-EE-Applikationen möglichst produktiv und doch umfassend testen kann, ist nun verfügbar.
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How to choose technology

saturday, march 04, 2017

In every software project — at least at the beginning — there is the big question of which technology to choose to do the job. Even if you’re not in the JavaScript world with new frameworks coming out every week, you might find a great variety of choices. Which aspects to consider?
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Wrap-up early 2017

friday, february 17, 2017

The early 2017 offered a rather quiet start into the year — as every year — and the conference season is about to begin again. The first conference travel was Sweden as I got the chance to speak at Jfokus about Hypermedia REST with Java EE.
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Video Course — Event Sourcing, Distributed Systems & CQRS

thursday, february 02, 2017

I’m announcing a new free video course on the topic of event sourcing, distributed systems & CQRS.
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Video Course — Developer Productivity

sunday, january 15, 2017

After I wrote a blog post about working productively and effectively as a developer I got some feedback on that topic so I decided to record a more comprehensive video course.
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Leichtgewichtiges Java EE — Java Aktuell Artikel (in German)

wednesday, january 11, 2017

I wrote an article about Lightweight Java EE for the current issue of the German Java Aktuell magazine.
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