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Migrating Neo4j graph schemas in Kubernetes (Video)

tuesday, june 30, 2020

When running enterprise applications with zero-downtime, we need to be able to perform database schema migrations without disrupting active users. This is important not just for relational databases, but also for graph databases such as Neo4J, which don’t enforce a schema on write. However, it still makes sense to refactor your graph and to keep your graph data model in sync with your application. In the following video, I’ll explain how to migrate to schema versions defined by Cypher scripts which reside under version control, in a managed Kubernetes environment.
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Developer Productivity Q&A live session next Monday

wednesday, june 10, 2020

I’ll be holding another live Q&A session on the topic of developer productivity next Monday, June 15th. In this session we’ll chat about how to be more productive as software developers, how to focus especially in these times, and how to make our jobs even more enjoyable.
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How to restore a Neo4J backup on managed Kubernetes (Video)

sunday, june 07, 2020

In the following video I’ll explain how to restore backups of Neo4J instances to a fresh instance that runs in a managed Kubernetes environment. The backup contents will be taken from a persistent volume to which we previously wrote the backup.
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How to backup Neo4J on managed Kubernetes (Video)

saturday, june 06, 2020

In the following video I’ll explain how to take full and incremental backups of Neo4J instances that run in a managed Kubernetes environment. We’ll use additional pods to take remote backups and store the backup data on persistent volumes which are provided by our managed environment.
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Deploying a Neo4J single core on managed Kubernetes (Video)

friday, june 05, 2020

Besides running a database cluster, it might already be sufficient for your project to deploy a single instance. In the following video I’ll explain how to deploy a single core Neo4J instance using Helm to a managed Kubernetes cluster.
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Deploying a Neo4J cluster on managed Kubernetes (Video)

thursday, june 04, 2020

I’ve created some videos on how to deploy both a Neo4J cluster and standalone instance to a manged Kubernetes cluster. When running a database or any service with persistence concern, we need to take more considerations into account, most importantly how to implement persistent storage as well as automated processes such as backups.
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Neo4J OGM with Quarkus (Video)

monday, may 18, 2020

In the following video I show an example Quarkus application that uses a Neo4J database and Neo4J OGM.
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Using IdeaVim with IntelliJ

monday, may 04, 2020

I’ve been a VIM user for a few years and I’m also using the IdeaVim plugin in IntelliJ. The following configuration and features helped me a lot.
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