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Effective note taking as developer (Video)

thursday, june 03, 2021

In this video, I’m sharing some note taking tips that made me more productive while developing or while learning a technology.
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Effective Bash scripting for software developers (Video)

thursday, may 27, 2021

I’ve been asked many times about my shell scripts and things I’ve automated, as I’ve recently shown in a video about things I’ve automated on my system. I’ve created another video on how to effectively write Bash scripts for regular developers, who aren’t experienced on the sysadmin side of things.
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Why I switched to using Selenide for UI tests (Video)

sunday, may 23, 2021

Previously, I’ve recorded a video on to how to use Selenium for UI tests. After being pointed to Selenide, that offers a few more features on top of Selenium, I’ve started implementing new tests with this technology.
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My favorite IdeaVim features (Video)

tuesday, may 18, 2021

I’ve recorded a video in which I’m showing my favorite IdeaVim features and why my IntelliJ setup looks that unusual.
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AsciiBlog updated to Quarkus

sunday, may 09, 2021

I’ve recently migrated this blog to a Quarkus application. The previous version, which was almost four years old, was built with Java EE 7/8 powered by Glassfish.
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Things I’ve automated on my development system (Video)

friday, may 07, 2021

In my videos and client workshops, I’ve emphasized the importance of automating the manual tasks that are part of our work, especially as software developers. I’ve recorded a video in which I’m showing some examples of small tasks that I’ve automated on my Linux environment.
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Why I’m using Linux (Video)

saturday, may 01, 2021

I got asked a few times why I’m using a Linux distribution, and “why my setup looks that weird”. I’ve recorded a video in which I wanted to show my main motivations.
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Why we built yet another task management application (Video)

wednesday, april 14, 2021

There are tons of task and time management apps out there, but in our eyes they lack two things: A fast and efficient usability, that doesn’t feel like a burden, and a proper combination of todos and calendar entries, that follows our priorities and allows to reserve time.
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