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Efficient enterprise testing — unit & use case tests (2/6)

thursday, september 12, 2019

In the first part of the series we saw some generally applicable principles and constraints that effective tests should fulfill. In this part, we will have a closer look at code-level unit tests and component or use case tests.
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Thoughts on efficient enterprise testing (1/6)

thursday, september 12, 2019

Testing in the enterprise is still a topic that is not as extensively used as it should be. Writing and especially maintaining tests takes times and effort, however, cutting short on software tests can’t be the solution. Which scopes, approaches, and test technology should be pursue in order to make testing more efficient?
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Minimize turnaround times with Open Liberty’s dev mode

monday, august 19, 2019

I’ve uploaded a video in which I show how to reduce the turnaround times while writing Enterprise Java applications that are deployed on Open Liberty. The liberty:dev goal of the Maven plugin watches for file changes and applies the changes instantly, without the need to rebuild the whole deployment artifact.
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Enhanced CDI contexts & bulkheads with MicroProfile Context Propagation

thursday, july 25, 2019

When using CDI with asynchronous execution methods, such as a ManagedExecutorService, it’s traditionally not possible to access all of CDI’s scopes that were active in the originating thread. MicroProfile Context Propagation enables to define and pass thread execution contexts to completion stages where our code can access various CDI contexts despite being executed asynchronously. Additionally, Context Propagation allows to create managed executor services, that can be injected and used inside our beans, for example to realize bulkheads.
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Proposal on Jakarta EE’s innovation & relationship with MicroProfile

tuesday, july 23, 2019

At the JCrete unconference, a few of us were brainstorming about the vision of Jakarta EE and especially the relationship with MicroProfile. I wanted to start that discussion in order to get everybody on the same page especially how the relationship between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, and Jakarta’s innovation should look like. I believe that a lot of us agree on things already, however, I believe it would accelerates the process if we start that discussion.
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Using metric tags with MicroProfile Metrics 2.0

saturday, july 20, 2019

Business-related metrics that are emitted from our application might contain parameters (i.e. tags or labels) for which a specific metric is being measured. Since MicroProfile Metrics 2.0 it’s possible to assign tags to specific metrics using the API.
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Video course — Effective keyboard usage for developers

monday, may 27, 2019

When I watch developers in projects, I usually see a lot of room for improvement in their keyboard usage. Most developers would agree that you’re more productive for the majority of development tasks, when you’re typing instead of using a mouse or touch screen.
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Hot-deploying into Kubernetes using Telepresence & WAD

saturday, may 11, 2019

When you’re testing your enterprise application in a Kubernetes environment, the turnaround for changing, re-packaging, and re-deploying your application can become quite high. Telepresence aims to mitigate this, by proxying a locally running process into our Kubernetes cluster, as if the local process were part of the cluster. If we combine that approach with a hot-redeploy tool such as WAD we can vastly improve our development productivity.
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