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10 Advanced Vim Features

monday, june 27, 2022

I’ve recorded a video in which I’m showing 10 advanced Vim features that you likely didn’t know yet:
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Developer Productivity Masterclass Available

wednesday, june 08, 2022

I’m happy to announce that I’ve published a masterclass on-demand video course on all things developer productivity. If you enjoyed my content on #productivity and #automation, you’ll like this course even more.
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The Case Against Logging

thursday, june 02, 2022

The one thing that all enterprise applications have in common, regardless of their framework, language, or communication protocols is that they produce logs, logs‚ÄČthat are‚ÄČallegedly human-readable lines of strings that aim to help us to debug, trace, or otherwise inspect what’s going on. The question is, how useful are these logs and do they help us solve problems that actually happen. In this post, I will explore this question, highlight some of the challenges that come with logging, and explore alternative solutions.
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How to Search Full-text in Neo4j with Java & Quarkus OGM

thursday, may 19, 2022

In the following video, I’ll show how to conduct searches with your Neo4j database. We have the possibility to define full-text indexes or other searches such as via regular expressions, and we’ll have a look how to implement these in your Java application.
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Getting Started With the Terminal as Developer

monday, may 09, 2022

For beginners, using the terminal can be a bit daunting. In the following video, I want to show how to get started, why using the terminal can make your work more productive, as well as some tips and tricks that I’m using.
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8 Tips and Experiences on Neo4j With Java

wednesday, april 27, 2022

In this post and video, I want to share 8 tips and experiences that I’ve learned over the years while using Neo4j OGM with Java in real-world projects.
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Neo4j OGM with Quarkus extension (Update)

wednesday, april 20, 2022

In a past video, I’ve been showing how to use Neo4j OGM in a Quarkus application. While the procedure and dependencies are still basically the same, there is now a new, handy Quarkus extension that you should check out. I’ve created a video that shows how to use it and the difference to the previous approach:
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Creating and using a Telegram Bot with Java

wednesday, april 06, 2022

For sending yourself notifications from an application there are many different ways, from sending emails to phone notifications. Using a chat platform like Telegram is an easy way to get updates and notifications on multiple devices.
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