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Kubernetes IDE support with IntelliJ (Video)

tuesday, august 01, 2017

I have uploaded a video in which I show how IntelliJ supports Kubernetes with the Kubernetes and OpenShift Resource plugin and live-templates. A few developers are struggling with the YAML format, the indentation of the key-value pairs and the Kubernetes resources specification. The plugin for IntelliJ as well as live-templates are there to help you.
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Acceptance tests with WireMock & Kubernetes (Video)

tuesday, june 27, 2017

I have uploaded a video in which I show how to mock external systems in acceptance tests using WireMock and Kubernetes.
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Zero-downtime deployment with Kubernetes (Video)

sunday, june 11, 2017

I have uploaded a video in which I show how to deploy a Java EE application with zero-downtime using Kubernetes services.
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JOnsen 2017 Unconference

saturday, may 06, 2017

Sometimes unusual ideas are the best. What about holding a Java unconference at a relaxing hot spring (Onsen) deep in the heart of Japan? Having Java experts from Japan and all around the world together in a relaxing atmosphere to philosophize and exchange ideas.
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Maven 3.5.0 colored output (Video)

thursday, april 27, 2017

The latest version 3.5.0 of Apache Maven comes with colored console output.
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Inject Kubernetes ConfigMap values with Java EE & WildFly

wednesday, april 26, 2017

The Kubernetes ConfigMap concept is used to configure applications from the orchestration environment. The configured values can be made accessible within the Java EE container. This blog posts shows the integration of Kubernetes ConfigMaps, WildFly and Java EE vendor-agnostic configuration.
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How to change private static final fields

sunday, april 09, 2017

Sometimes you need dirty hacks. This is one that can be useful in testing scenarios — how to change fields that are not meant to be changed.
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How to change environment variables in Java

sunday, april 09, 2017

And the second dirty hack for the day: how to change system environment variables in Java — at least during the lifetime of a JVM.
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