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Mapping Neo4j OGM Query Results to DTOs & Records

thursday, january 26, 2023

Since Neo4j OGM version 4.0.0, there is a possibility to map query results to DTOs and/or Java records. In the following video, I’m showing how this can help you simplify your code and make the query results more expressive.
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My JChampions Conf Session ‘Principles of Effective Developers’

wednesday, january 25, 2023

Maybe you’ve seen the JChampions Conference, a free, online conference with sessions only held by Java Champions. I also gave a talk ‘Principles of Effective Developers’ that was streamed live. In case you’ve missed it, you can watch the recording:
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Automation That I Use in My Vim Environment

monday, january 23, 2023

In this video, I’m giving some examples of automation and scripts that I use in my Vim editor that make text editing and my everyday writing easier.
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The Effective Developer Podcast — Most Listened Episodes 2022

thursday, january 19, 2023

I suppose you’re already subscribed to The Effective Developer podcast, aren’t you? :) These were the most listened episodes in 2022:
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How I’m Using Vim for Everyday Writing

monday, january 16, 2023

In this video, I’m showing why and how I’m using the Vim editor for my everyday writing. These days, I’m writing my articles, journaling, ideas, and even longer emails in Vim, and in the video, I’m showing you how snippets can help a lot in reducing friction and making writing more fun.
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Helpful Command Line Scripts and Automation in My Setup

friday, january 06, 2023

In this video, I’ve put together some command line scripts and automation helpers from my setup that are part of my everyday work.
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My Most Used CLI Commands

tuesday, december 27, 2022

As you might know, I’m spending a lot of time on the command line. In this video, I’m showing the CLI commands and features that I use the most, and that are part of my everyday work.
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New Quarkus Workshops in April 2023

thursday, december 22, 2022

I’ll be holding two full-day online workshops on how to do modern, effective development with Quarkus, in April 2023. These workshops aim to boost your knowledge, skills, and productivity for developing and testing modern enterprise applications.
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