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Effective Test Execution With Quarkus

monday, july 24, 2023

The dev mode in Quarkus and especially the continuous testing feature is one of the fastest ways to execute tests and get feedback. Triggering your tests with a single keystroke and receiving feedback in a matter of milliseconds is a game changer in minimizing turnaround times. With Quarkus 3.2, there are more interesting ways to add to this way of testing, which I’m presenting in the following video:
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Why You Should Learn Vim

saturday, july 08, 2023

You might have noticed that I’m a big fan of Vim. But that’s not so much because of the editor — in fact, I wouldn’t consider Vim an optimal editor environment — as it is for the Vim way of typing. In this video, I’m showing you what makes the Vim way of typing so efficient, why learning Vim was the biggest productivity improvement in my career, and why it might be interesting for you, even if you don’t want to use the Vim editor.
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Using Maven Efficiently

friday, june 30, 2023

Apache Maven is the most-used build tool in the Java world and omnipresent in the ecosystem. But so are over-usages and not-ideal practices when using Maven. In this video, I want to share my experiences and tips on how to be more pragmatic and efficient when using Maven.
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Quarkus Panache Active Record vs. Repository Pattern

tuesday, may 23, 2023

When you’re using Quarkus Panache, you have the choice between the Active Record and Repository pattern. In the following video, I’ll compare both approaches and give my opinion and experience on which approach might work better for you.
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Persistence With Quarkus Panache

saturday, may 13, 2023

Quarkus Panache, which is one of my favorite Quarkus-specific features, very conveniently enables persistence for relational databases in your application. I’ve recorded a video in which I’ll add persistence to one of my example projects using the Panache repository pattern.
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Updating Quarkus Projects to Version 3.0

sunday, april 30, 2023

Quarkus version 3.0 is here and with it the transition to Jakarta EE 10 and its jakarta. namespace. Migrating Quarkus projects to the latest version is thus not as easy as usual, and in the following video I’ll show how Quarkus tooling can help you.
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How to Create a Quarkus Extension

wednesday, april 26, 2023

Quarkus has a very active and expanding ecosystem with tons of extensions available. The chances that you’d need to extend what Quarkus provides for a regular enterprise project are rather low, but it’s still very interesting and insightful to see how Quarkus extensions, and the overall Quarkus build works internally. For this, we’ll have a look how to create our own Quarkus extension.
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Programmatically Listen to Test Results (Incl. Hardware LED)

saturday, april 08, 2023

To access the test results from your JUnit tests, you have to either read the output or parse result files (such as the XML surefire reports). It’s also possible to define JUnit result listeners programmatically. I’ve covered this in a previous blog post.
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