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Create Git patches from command line

friday, february 14, 2020

Git patches are an easy way to apply changes to a project if you don’t want to go through the regular commit-pull-request flow. Patches are files that contain an equivalent diff of a Git commit.
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Video course on efficient enterprise testing

thursday, january 09, 2020

I’ve created a few videos on the topic of effective enterprise testing. I still see a huge importance in this topic in real-world projects. Here are my experiences in testing Enterprise Java projects together with some examples.
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GitHub on the command line

monday, december 16, 2019

hub is a command line client for GitHub. You can use it to view or create issues, pull requests, conveniently fork or check-out repositories, and much more.
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Matching patterns with Java

wednesday, december 11, 2019

If you’re using Java, there’s a high chance you’ve seen its pattern matching before. The String#matches(String) method internally uses the Pattern type, which comprises more complex functionality:
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Global gitignore

friday, december 06, 2019

A widely used Git feature is to use local .gitignore files which list which names and patterns of files and directories will be ignored within the Git repository.
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Managing multiple Java installations

tuesday, december 03, 2019

With more and more Java releases coming up, it’ll be more interesting to manage multiple Java installations on your local environment. Different projects may require different Java versions.
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Efficient enterprise testing — conclusion (6/6)

friday, october 04, 2019

This last part of the series will cover additional end-to-end tests, testing in production, and a conclusion of the parts.
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Efficient enterprise testing — test frameworks (5/6)

tuesday, october 01, 2019

This part of the article series will cover test frameworks and my thoughts and experiences on when and whether to apply them.
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