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Video Course — Java EE 8 on Docker & Kubernetes

sunday, september 02, 2018

I’ve created a video course on how to containerize Java EE 8 applications with Docker and Kubernetes. The course is targeted for Java Enterprise developers who want or need to run their applications in containers and container orchestration technology. It covers all developers need to know to get up and running with Docker and Kubernetes, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
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My Chroma Keying Video Setup

sunday, september 02, 2018

In the past, I’ve been asked multiple times how I built my video chroma keying setup. I’ve recorded a video which explains my motivations for building such a setup and the software and components I’m currently using.
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Video Course — Learning Java EE 8

friday, august 24, 2018

I’ve created a video course on how to learn Java EE 8. The course is targeted for both Java Enterprise beginners as well as experienced developers who aren’t quite familiar with EE 8 yet. It covers the most important APIs, their features and how to write modern Java EE applications in year 2018.
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JSON-B Asymmetrical Property Binding

monday, august 20, 2018

The JSON-B specification defines binding annotations such as @JsonbProperty or @JsonbTransient to declaratively map Java objects to JSON, and back. These annotations can be used ‘asymmetrically’ to define different handling of serialization and deserialization.
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Istio’s Networking API Explained

saturday, august 18, 2018

Istio version 1.0 comes with a networking API that comprises a lot of features and covers a variety of scenarios. The networking API has evolved in the last couple of months and might not be self-explanatory, right away. What are the concepts and building blocks of this API, and how do we use the individual Istio resource types in order to route traffic through our service mesh?
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MicroProfile’s Role in the Age of Jakarta EE

friday, august 03, 2018

Since it’s creation, MicroProfile has gained a lot of traction and produced a variety of specifications. Originally, it was created to advance enterprise Java for a microservice world, with faster progress, driven by multiple vendors. Now, with Java EE being transformed to Jakarta EE under the Eclipse Foundation, how does MicroProfile reasonably fit into the picture within the Enterprise Java universe?
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Thoughts On Jakarta EE’s Vision

monday, july 30, 2018

Jakarta EE is currently being formed under the Eclipse Foundation. In order to align the future development, directions, and marketing to the industry, many claim that it’s crucial for the Jakarta EE community to share a common vision or mission statement that the technology will follow.
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MicroProfile Fault Tolerance With Java EE (Video)

friday, july 06, 2018

I’ve recorded a video how to make Java EE applications more resilient using MicroProfile Fault Tolerance.
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