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How to crawl websites with Selenide and JDK 14+

thursday, july 22, 2021

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation in which we need certain data, that needs to be manually fetched from some website. As developers, of course automation is our friend, which is why we can write some automated approach to crawl websites, instead of searching all this information ourselves. I’ve recorded a video, in which I’m fetching up some data from my blog website and transform it into a CSV format, by using Selenide and some new Java features such as Records.
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Map complex configuration structures with Quarkus

saturday, july 17, 2021

In Quarkus you can easily inject configured values using @ConfigProperty. There’s also a way to inject nested and collection values using configuration objects. In the following video, I’ll show how:
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Tests that spark flow — A poem

wednesday, june 30, 2021

A poem that summarizes the key points of my content on effective testing:
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New Quarkus workshops in July 2021

monday, june 28, 2021

I’ll be holding two full-day online workshops on how to do modern, effective development with Quarkus, at the end of July. These workshops aim to boost your knowledge, skills, and productivity for developing and testing modern enterprise applications.
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Using the Quarkus dev mode for non-Quarkus projects (Video)

friday, june 18, 2021

The Quarkus dev mode increases our development productivity and especially reduces the turnaround times how long it takes to get test feedback. For Quarkus projects, this is a huge benefit. However, with some hacky workarounds, it’s possible to run the tests of a plain Java project also in a similar way.
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Reducing test turnaround times with Quarkus 2.0 (Video)

tuesday, june 15, 2021

Version 2.0 of Quarkus comes with an improved dev mode experience that can reduce your test waiting times. The new continuous testing feature not only continuously runs the tests, but also faster than most other approaches.
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Effective note taking as developer (Video)

thursday, june 03, 2021

In this video, I’m sharing some note taking tips that made me more productive while developing or while learning a technology.
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Effective Bash scripting for software developers (Video)

thursday, may 27, 2021

I’ve been asked many times about my shell scripts and things I’ve automated, as I’ve recently shown in a video about things I’ve automated on my system. I’ve created another video on how to effectively write Bash scripts for regular developers, who aren’t experienced on the sysadmin side of things.
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