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Proposed Jakarta EE Design Principles

saturday, june 09, 2018

Jakarta EE is slowly emerging, and with it future enterprise specifications. In order to align the different standards and technology that are about to be formed it might be valuable that the Enterprise Java community agrees upon design principles for Jakarta EE specifications.
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Off to another motorbike dev tour in Japan

tuesday, may 01, 2018

This year Steve Chin and myself will go on our third edition of a developer engagement motorcycle tour in Japan. Maybe you remember the wrap-up video that was shown on last year’s JavaOne conference:
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Git commit fixup and autosquash

sunday, april 22, 2018

Git commit fixup and autosquash are helpful features when you want to “fix” changes from a single commit in your history.
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Custom Git subcommands

friday, april 20, 2018

Heavy users of Git often find themselves writing their own Git shortcuts or scripts which combine multiple Git commands for frequently used features. The possibilities to shortcut your way around Git include Git aliases, shell aliases, or custom scripts that reside in your $PATH.
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Injecting multiple Kubernetes volumes to the same directory

tuesday, april 10, 2018

Kubernetes config maps and secrets allow use to inject configuration files into containers. If we want multiple config entries that originate from different config maps or secrets to be injected into the same location, we are required to specify a sub path:
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Strategy Pattern with CDI and lambdas

tuesday, april 10, 2018

The strategy design pattern dynamically chooses an implementation algorithm, a strategy, at runtime. The pattern can be used to select different business algorithms depending on the circumstances.
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Distributed tracing with Java EE, Istio & MicroProfile (Video)

wednesday, march 28, 2018

I’ve recorded a video in which I show how to add distributed tracing to Java EE applications that run in an Istio cluster.
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Java code style operator new line formatting

monday, february 19, 2018

Last week, I discovered what helped me deciding on what I have struggled with for a longer time: whether to place operators such as &&, || or + on the same or next line.
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