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Uploading Files With Quarkus (Update)

#quarkus monday, april 22, 2024

If you’re using Quarkus in a recent version and would like to upload (multiple) files, this video is for you.

In an earlier post, I’ve described how to implement file uploads with Quarkus (both in RESTEasy Classic and Reactive), and in this video I’m describing what has changed since last time:



You can find the updated source code on GitHub.



  • Quarkus RESTEasy Reactive is now called Quarkus REST (dependencies quarkus-rest*)

  • For RESTEasy Classic, have a look at @MultipartForm, MultipartInput, and MultipartFormDataInput (all from quarkus-resteasy-multipart)

  • For Quarkus REST (reactive), @MultipartForm is deprecated and not needed anymore, you can use FileUpload to access information about the uploaded files

  • You can check the updated example on GitHub


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