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Book on modern Java EE (Video)

#javaee sunday, october 08, 2017

I’m very happy to announce my new book “Architecting Modern Java EE Applications”! The motivation behind this was to show how Java EE fits the modern world of enterprise applications.

The book includes the following topics:

  • Pragmatic, business-oriented enterprise application architectures

  • Designing and implementing application modules using Java EE 8

  • Lightweight, zero-dependency applications, their motivations and benefits

  • Packaging and delivering applications using Docker and Kubernetes

  • Continuous Delivery pipelines, targeted for container environments

  • Testing enterprise applications in an automated way

  • Maintainable test scenarios with reasonable test code quality

  • Distributed systems and their motivations

  • Eventual consistency, event-driven architectures and CQRS

  • Tackling performance regression, monitoring and logging

  • Security in distributed systems



The book is available via Packt or Amazon.


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