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Hot-deploying Java Enterprise with WAD & Docker (Video)
Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, or maybe all of them
Difference between Java EE, Jakarta EE & MicroProfile (Video)
Instrumenting Porcupine With Prometheus & Grafana
Video Course — Java EE 8 on Docker & Kubernetes
Video Course — Learning Java EE 8
JSON-B Asymmetrical Property Binding
Applying Bulkheads And Backpressure to Java EE (Video)
Strategy Pattern with CDI and lambdas
Distributed tracing with Java EE, Istio & MicroProfile (Video)
Prometheus with Java EE & MicroProfile Metrics (Video)
Transactional exception handling in CDI
Caching method results with JCache
JPA persistence.xml SQL script definitions
Joker 2017 Cloud Native Java EE
Dockerized Java EE 8 applications with GlassFish 5.0
Prometheus with Java EE (Video)
Book on modern Java EE (Video)
Thoughts on Opening up Java EE
Inject Kubernetes ConfigMap values with Java EE & WildFly
Java EE — the most lightweight enterprise framework?
Why I’m using Java EE
Designing and implementing REST acceptance tests (Video)
JavaOne 2016 Lightweight Java EE talk
Thoughts on Java EE 8 roadmap update
JavaZone 2016 Lightweight Java EE talk
Hacking with the JSONB 1.0 Public Review
Thoughts on JSRs, TCKs and Open Source
Testing Java EE (or why integration tests are overrated)
Stop saying “heavyweight”
JSON mapping polymorphism support
Thoughts on Java EE 8
Thoughts on JSONB (or one of the main advantages of Java EE)
AsciiBlog on JavaEE MVC (JSR 371)
Log JPA schema creation with Hibernate
JPA joined subclass strategy example
JCache with MapDB as persistence provider
Simple and powerful cache in JavaEE
Blog written in AsciiDoc (Update)

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