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Video Course — Learning Java EE 8

#javaee friday, august 24, 2018

I’ve created a video course on how to learn Java EE 8. The course is targeted for both Java Enterprise beginners as well as experienced developers who aren’t quite familiar with EE 8 yet. It covers the most important APIs, their features and how to write modern Java EE applications in year 2018.


Java EE provides a standard set of specifications that can be used to develop vendor-independent enterprise applications. Enterprises require robust platforms to ensure sustainability. Both small businesses and large enterprises benefit from the various APIs provided by the Java EE platform.

This video course covers the most important features and APIs in Java EE 8. It starts by exploring the core Java EE components. Moving further you will learn all about HTTP endpoints, how to map domain entities with JPA, how to implement asynchronous behavior, access external system, or implement cross-cutting concerns. By the end of the course, you will be able to develop modern enterprise applications using Java EE 8.

You can find the course details and a video preview on Packt.


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