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Video Course — Java EE 8 on Docker & Kubernetes

#kubernetes #javaee #docker sunday, september 02, 2018

I’ve created a video course on how to containerize Java EE 8 applications with Docker and Kubernetes. The course is targeted for Java Enterprise developers who want or need to run their applications in containers and container orchestration technology. It covers all developers need to know to get up and running with Docker and Kubernetes, and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Docker and Kubernetes have emerged as de-facto standards for containers and a lot of enterprises are migrating their runtime environment to these technologies. Containers, in combination with orchestration, offer significant advantages in the way how companies deploy and operate their enterprise applications.

Some developers might wonder whether the Java EE platform is eligible for realizing modern, containerized enterprise applications that run in cloud offerings. This course will show you that and how it is possible to develop Dockerized Java EE 8 applications that run in Kubernetes clusters.

The course will teach you how to deploy Java EE 8 applications in Docker containers, how to configure containerized applications, how to orchestrate containers using Kubernetes, and how to fully integrate your Java EE applications.

You can find the course details and a video preview on Packt.


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