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Blog written in AsciiDoc (Update)

#asciidoc #javaee friday, march 20, 2015

I updated my blog which is written entirely in AsciiDoc from static files to a JavaEE application. It connects to a Git repository and incrementally renders new entries with AsciidoctorJ.

In an earlier blog post I wrote about my AsciidoctorJ Maven extension which renders AsciiDoc files to static HTML pages. Now I took it one step further and included Asciidoctor in a JavaEE application.

The blog posts are managed in a Git repository which is accessed from the application. Only posts which have been changed are rendered to HTML snippets and stored in a HashMap.

Changing from static files to JavaEE allows dynamic features like statistic calculations.

A separate Wildfly Module is needed because of the JRuby integration of AsciidoctorJ (see Running AsciidoctorJ on WildFly AS).


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