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Thoughts on JSONB (or one of the main advantages of Java EE)

#javaee friday, january 29, 2016

JSR 367 or JSONB is one of the new specifications which will be included in Java EE 8 and is the long-awaited JSON counterpart to JAXB. The early draft of the specification can already be reviewed.

I wrote some comments to the expert group mailing list regarding the status of the JAX-RS and CDI integration in JSONB.

In my opinion a really helpful functionality would be to be able to seemlessly integrate this new technology with existing standards.

Take Bean Validation as an example: You can simply write an ConstraintValidator which @Injects any CDI enabled bean as this is required in Section 10.3. of the Bean Validation specification.

And in my opinion this is one of the main advantages of the JavaEE umbrella: Having well-established standardizations and therefore being able to reuse and connect existing components without any unnecessary plumbing.


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