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5 Ways to Debug Quarkus JVM Applications

#productivity #quarkus tuesday, may 21, 2024

Quarkus' dev mode is a wonderful way to quickly update your code while programming, including adding some debug statements. Your IDE’s debug functionality, however, is still a powerful method to debug more complex or unclear situations. In this video I’m showing five different ways how to debug your Quarkus application, locally, in containers, or in Kubernetes.




  • You IDE’s debug feature is your friend (in IntelliJ: Run > Edit Configurations > Remote JVM Debug)

  • mvn quarkus:dev automatically listens to localhost:5005 for remote JVM debug, change via
    -Ddebug=<port> or -Ddebug=false

  • For java¬†-jar, add a command line argument such as

  • For Docker containers, you can override environment variables or the command at docker run time

  • Quarkus comes with a remote-dev mode that enables us to connect to (remote) Quarkus applications and change classes or debug

  • In Kubernetes environments, you can change the pod run configuration, for example via command or env directive

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