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A Simple Plain-Text Knowledge System
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The Effective Developer Podcast — Most Listened Episodes 2022
How I’m Using Vim for Everyday Writing
Helpful Command Line Scripts and Automation in My Setup
My Most Used CLI Commands
Using Gmail More Effectively
Using Git on The Command Line Effectively
Using the Command Line as File Explorer
10 Advanced Vim Features
Developer Productivity Masterclass Available
Getting Started With the Terminal as Developer
Using Nginx as Browsersync proxy
Editing structured text effectively with Vim
Coding Session — 99 bottles of beer
Executing IntelliJ actions with IdeaVim
Developer Productivity Masterclass early access available
Using the Quarkus dev mode for non-Quarkus projects (Video)
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Effective note taking as developer (Video)
Effective Bash scripting for software developers (Video)
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Why I’m using Linux (Video)
Why we built yet another task management application (Video)
Managing your tasks and time effectively as developer (Video)
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Development workflows that put you in a flow state (Video)
My review of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (Video)
Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers (Update)
Interview with Adam Bien — The Effective Developer podcast
Using IdeaVim with IntelliJ
My IntelliJ Live Templates
Announcing The Effective Developer podcast
Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers (Video)
Tips on working from home
Minimize turnaround times with Open Liberty’s dev mode
Video course — Effective keyboard usage for developers
Hot-deploying into Kubernetes using Telepresence & WAD
Hot-deploying Java Enterprise with WAD & Docker (Video)
Improving Your Command Line Productivity (Video)
Increasing Shell Productivity With Zsh Aliases
How to choose technology
Video Course — Developer Productivity
How to be productive (as a developer)

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