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Things I’ve automated on my development system (Video)

#automation #productivity #commandline friday, may 07, 2021

In my videos and client workshops, I’ve emphasized the importance of automating the manual tasks that are part of our work, especially as software developers. I’ve recorded a video in which I’m showing some examples of small tasks that I’ve automated on my Linux environment.

All these examples aim to serve as inspiration for what’s possible.



Some examples:

  • Writing & publishing blog posts using AsciiDoc

  • Setting a timer

  • Storing reminder notes / todos

  • Setting up a presentation / development session

  • Installing a cloud cluster environment

  • Creating example projects

  • Copying / archiving files from a phone or GoPro

  • Setting the system timezone

  • Showing a time in different timezones

  • My scripts in my Dotfiles repository

  • Shown “Hacker Scripts” by Russian sysadmin


Also, I’m really curious if you have some other automation points. Please let me know in the YouTube comments or on Twitter!


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