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Developer Productivity Masterclass Available

#automation #productivity wednesday, june 08, 2022

I’m happy to announce that I’ve published a masterclass on-demand video course on all things developer productivity. If you enjoyed my content on #productivity and #automation, you’ll like this course even more.

In the course, we’ll cover which parts make our job as developer the most worthwhile, how to leverage automation, why to care about the keyboard, how to minimize context switches and distractions, how to build up a perfect workplace, how to improve your knowledge, skills, and focus, and much more. The content is equivalent of what we cover in a 2-day in-person workshop.


Developer Productivity Masterclass


What will be covered

  • The experience of Flow and programming

  • Why and how to use automation

  • How to focus & minimizing context switches

  • Why and how to increase our keyboard usage

  • Effectively using editors, IDEs, and the command line

  • Minimizing waiting times while programming

  • Writing automation scripts & helper programs

  • Crafting comprehensible & maintainable code

  • The importance of reflecting

  • Improving our skills & knowledge

  • Documentation & communicating effectively

  • Work environments & managing distractions

  • Time & priority management

  • …​ and more


For a detailed curriculum and to enroll check out the course page.