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Using IdeaVim with IntelliJ

#productivity #intellij #vim monday, may 04, 2020

I’ve been a VIM user for a few years and I’m also using the IdeaVim plugin in IntelliJ. The following configuration and features helped me a lot.

  • You can configure the same keymappings that you have in your regular VIM in the ~/.ideavimrc file.

  • Setting idearefactormode to keep makes the behavior of refactorings such as renamings more deterministic.

  • In a dialog hitting <Esc> won’t work since it closes the dialog, but if your cursor is caught in selection mode, pressing Ctrl+] works without moving your hands off the home row.

  • The GitHub repository provides helpful guidance on configuration and which features are supported.

  • The ideajoin mode is a nice feature that can “smart-join” strings, control structures, and others.


This is how ideajoin works, when joining with Shift+J:

intellij ideajoin

You can find my .ideavimrc config file in my Dotfiles on GitHub.


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