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Minimize turnaround times with Open Liberty’s dev mode

#openliberty #productivity monday, august 19, 2019

I’ve uploaded a video in which I show how to reduce the turnaround times while writing Enterprise Java applications that are deployed on Open Liberty. The liberty:dev goal of the Maven plugin watches for file changes and applies the changes instantly, without the need to rebuild the whole deployment artifact.

I’ll show how Open Liberty can keep running while we’re changing source code, configuration, server features, or project dependencies. Running system tests against the already-running application also vastly reduces waiting times.

You can try out the milestone version 3.0.M1 of the liberty-maven-plugin already. Have a look at the example project.

Since this is a milestone project, the Liberty team would be more than happy to receive your feedback. Have a look at the Plugin repository on GitHub, where you find further information on the Maven plugin and where you can file issues if you find some.

Happy productive hacking!


Update 2019-09-19: The coordinates of the Liberty Maven plugin have been updated to:


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