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My IntelliJ Live Templates

#productivity #intellij thursday, april 23, 2020

I was asked to share my live templates that I’m using in IntelliJ IDEA together with my dotfiles.

You can find the templates in my Dotfiles repository on GitHub.

I found it especially helpful to create even small templates that mostly and an import that you don’t have to manually select.

intellij livetemplates

I created the following templates groups, depending on the technology you’re using:

  • Java (e.g. liList<>)

  • Java / Jakarta EE (e.g. ph@Path)

  • Java FX (e.g. fxm@FXML)

  • Testing (JUnit / AssertJ, e.g. asthassertThat())

  • Maven (Maven dependencies)

  • Docker (Dockerfile contents)

  • Kubernetes / Istio (YAMLs)

  • Quarkus (Quarkus properties)

There is also a templates.xml file that prevents collisions with existing default templates shipped with IntelliJ.

Any others that you find helpful? I’m happy to hear your feedback.


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