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Video course — Effective keyboard usage for developers

#keyboard #productivity #commandline monday, may 27, 2019

When I watch developers in projects, I usually see a lot of room for improvement in their keyboard usage. Most developers would agree that you’re more productive for the majority of development tasks, when you’re typing instead of using a mouse or touch screen.

I’ve already created a video course on the topic of developer productivity, that you can check out.

In this new video course, I’ll show some further tips and tricks and aim to give some inspiration about what you can do as a developer to be more productive using your keyboard. Some of the tools and technology I’m using is surely opinionated, however, this course aims to demonstrate the concepts and ideas rather than just single, fixed implementations.

So: You’re a developer, use your keyboard!

1. The VIM way of typing

In this first episode, I’m showing the “VIM way of typing”, what makes the VIM editor special, and how I’m using it to write basically everything in my daily job, from presentation slides to emails.


2. Living in the command line, part one

In this episode, I’m showing some advanced tips, aliases, and patterns, how to be more productive using your command line, for ideally everything that you do as a developer, if you’re not in the IDE.


3. Living in the command line, part two

In this episode, I’m showing some more tips on how to fully make the command line your default working environment. I’ll show how to effectively navigate in the file system, use shortcuts, and operating system features.


4. Your Operating System, IDE, Browser

In this last episode, I’m showing how to create an environment that you can fully operate using the keyboard, including tiling window managers, browser extensions, and some more tips on IDE usage.


You can find my Zsh and i3 configuration, aliases, and further dotfiles on GitHub.


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