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Hot-deploying into Kubernetes using Telepresence & WAD

#kubernetes #productivity saturday, may 11, 2019

When you’re testing your enterprise application in a Kubernetes environment, the turnaround for changing, re-packaging, and re-deploying your application can become quite high. Telepresence aims to mitigate this, by proxying a locally running process into our Kubernetes cluster, as if the local process were part of the cluster. If we combine that approach with a hot-redeploy tool such as WAD we can vastly improve our development productivity.

In this video I’m showing how to locally start a container using Telepresence that is combined with WAD to quickly re-deploy any changes. The container that runs our Java Enterprise app acts as if it were part of our Kubernetes cluster, and can access the cluster-internal Kubernetes service instances.

Have a look at the example project and the previous video on how to re-deploy with Docker and WAD.


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