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Developer Productivity Masterclass early access available

#automation #productivity wednesday, august 11, 2021

I’m in the process of producing a masterclass on-demand video course on all things developer productivity, and for early birds this course is already available.


Update 2022-06-08: The course has now been fully published. The early access is no longer available, but for those of you who grabbed that package, your access remains valid for an unlimited time.


It is still under development and most content is yet to arrive, but for my followers and readers of my blog, I want to give a special deal with 50% off the final price.

If you enjoyed my content on #productivity and #automation, you’ll like this course even more. The final content is equivalent of what we cover in a 2-day in-person workshop.


Developer Productivity Masterclass 50% off


What will be covered

  • The experience of Flow and programming

  • Why and how to use automation

  • How to focus & minimizing context switches

  • Why and how to increase our keyboard usage

  • Effectively using editors, IDEs, and the command line

  • Minimizing waiting times while programming

  • Writing automation scripts & helper programs

  • Crafting comprehensible & maintainable code

  • The importance of reflecting

  • Improving our skills & knowledge

  • Documentation & communicating effectively

  • Work environments & managing distractions

  • Time & priority management

  • …​ and more


For a detailed curriculum and to enroll with the early-access offer, check out the course page.


As part of the early access, you will see all future updates of this course as they arrive, your access remains valid forever, and as a bonus, your feedback can also shape the final version of the course, for example if you struggled with particular parts or wanted more examples in particular areas.

I’m happy to know if that topic is of interest to you, and I would love to hear your thoughts.


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