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Why we built yet another task management application (Video)

#productivity #task-mgmt wednesday, april 14, 2021

There are tons of task and time management apps out there, but in our eyes they lack two things: A fast and efficient usability, that doesn’t feel like a burden, and a proper combination of todos and calendar entries, that follows our priorities and allows to reserve time.

In the previous post, I showed how a pragmatic time & task management approach for developers can look like, which is what I started out with. However, in order to easily assign time slots for my daily tasks, I originally developed DayCaptain as tool for just myself. Now, I’m happy to offer the tools for others as well, and with a friend of mine, we started a small business around it.



DayCaptain emerged since we simply weren’t happy with what was out there, especially with regards to an effective user experience, that allows to use the tool as fast as you can think.

While it is not only built for developers, DayCaptain aims to include everything to make developers happy. It offers a REST API that developers can use directly, as well as some basic command line scripts, like the one shown in the video:

daycaptain todos add

I’d be very happy if you can give DayCaptain a try, and let me know what your thoughts are.


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