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Managing your tasks and time effectively as developer (Video)

#productivity #task-mgmt monday, april 12, 2021

The topic of managing our time and our daily tasks initially sounds boring to us developers, but holds huge potential to work more effectively, and to get more done. However, we don’t need any complex program or setup to keep track of what we need to do. A few pragmatic tips help a lot already.

In this video I’m showing a simple, pragmatic approach how to manage your daily tasks, keep a history of what you’ve done, and why spending 5 minutes every day already holds a great potential.

At first, I’m using plain-text files on the command line, which is the approach that I’ve started out with. Then, I’ll also introduce my current approach, which allows me to assign the daily tasks to a time slot, using DayCaptain, which I’ve developed for that purpose.


Happy effective task managing!


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