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Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers (Video)

#productivity #quarkus #docker wednesday, march 18, 2020

When you’re developing with Quarkus, you’re probably familiar with the dev mode which allows you to see your code changes immediately being reflected in the running application. It’s also possible to run Quarkus in development mode remotely, for example in a Docker container, and connect to the process from your source repository.

In the following video, I’ll explain what we need in order to run a Quarkus application in remote development mode inside Docker containers. The system consists of our application, a database and an external backend, all of which run as containers locally.

Have a look at the project on GitHub to try it yourself.

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Update 2020-12-10: There were some changes in Quarkus version 1.6 after which the remote-dev mode is executed differently. Have a look at this post to run this example in a recent version.


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