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Automation That I Use in My Vim Environment

#productivity #vim #commandline monday, january 23, 2023

In this video, I’m giving some examples of automation and scripts that I use in my Vim editor that make text editing and my everyday writing easier.



Some Examples

You can check out my Dotfiles, especially the .vimrc file and bin/ folder containing some scripts.

  • :norm for invoking normal command editing

  • :!zsh or :!bash for invoking the selected line in a command line

  • :!sort or :!sort | uniq for sorting the lines (uniquely)

  • :.!capitalize-title - — capitalizes English titles: blog post

  • :.!toilet to draw Ascii art

  • :w !asciidoc-view - for a quick AsciiDoc preview in the browser


More Information


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