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Interview with Adam Bien — The Effective Developer podcast

#productivity monday, september 14, 2020

In The Effective Developer podcast, I’m sharing insights, tips, and tricks on how to become more productive as a software developer. I’ve also started to interview interesting developers and folks in IT and in the latest episode, I had a change to speak with Java Guru Adam Bien, who is well-known in the Enterprise Java space.

We talk about his work projects and approaches, technology standards, pet projects, travels and conferences, online events, music for coding, keyboards, laptops and laptop keyboards, MacBooks and ThinkPads, operating systems, Linux, window managers, constraints to improve productivity, focus, frameworks and technology choices, IDEs for Java, plain-text documentation formats, command line, shell scripts, automation, breaks and balance, fun at work, blogging, and sharing knowledge.

"The way to productivity is self-constraining yourself" — Adam

Check out this episode here!

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