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Tests that spark flow — A poem

#testing wednesday, june 30, 2021

A poem that summarizes the key points of my content on effective testing:



Tests that spark flow

Are you struggling with tests are they unwieldy and slow?
Do you fear code changes and you just can’t stay in the flow?

You need to be flexible and efficient, your tests need too,
to adapt to a fast moving world, where quality is not an issue.

And to deploy to production, the place where we’re supposed to be,
verify the app’s behavior as well as the integration, you see?

What you need is fast test feedback and you’ll be fine.
Plain JUnit is quick, runs hundreds of cases in no time.

Don’t fall for seductive test frameworks, rather care,
that your test code quality is right there.

Build up abstractions, reusable components, go delegate,
otherwise an unmanageable test code will be your fate.

Separate those life cycles, of tests and test environment,
it gives you a short turnaround as you develop locally, my friend.

With that, enterprise testing can be a joy, there’s no need to cry.
Now, close social media, improve your tests, and thank you, goodbye!



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