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How to Create a Quarkus Extension

#quarkus wednesday, april 26, 2023

Quarkus has a very active and expanding ecosystem with tons of extensions available. The chances that you’d need to extend what Quarkus provides for a regular enterprise project are rather low, but it’s still very interesting and insightful to see how Quarkus extensions, and the overall Quarkus build works internally. For this, we’ll have a look how to create our own Quarkus extension.

If you’re providing a third-party library that for some reason should integrate better into Quarkus, for example by providing default CDI beans, or by enabling native builds, or if you want to create access to a new technology such as database or messaging platform, then you do may want to create an extension. In an way, whether you’re doing only your reasearch for fun and for learning, or whether you have an actual reason to create your own extension, the following video is for you. I’m creating a custom extension that integrates a Quarkus app with a hardware USB LED blink(1), to show the health status of the app, as well as giving programmatic access to the LED.



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