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Remove collection elements that match a criteria

#java saturday, december 02, 2017

Since JDK 1.8 there is the handy new Collection#removeIf method that takes a Predicate<T> and removes all elements in the collection that matches these:

List<String> coffeeShops = new ArrayList<>();
coffeeShops.add("Blue Bottle Coffee");
coffeeShops.add("Four Barrel Coffee");
coffeeShops.add("Coffee Collective");
coffeeShops.add("Obscura Coffee Roasters");
coffeeShops.add("About Life");

assertThat(coffeeShops.size(), is(5));

coffeeShops.removeIf(t -> t.contains("Coffee"));

assertThat(coffeeShops.size(), is(1));

The removeIf invocation removes all elements that match the given Predicate; the example collection retains the element About Life.

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