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Updating Quarkus Projects to Version 3.0

#quarkus sunday, april 30, 2023

Quarkus version 3.0 is here and with it the transition to Jakarta EE 10 and its jakarta. namespace. Migrating Quarkus projects to the latest version is thus not as easy as usual, and in the following video I’ll show how Quarkus tooling can help you.

In the video, I’m running through the migration of one of my own Quarkus projects.



More Information

You can run the tooling in the following ways:

quarkus update --stream=3.0

mvn io.quarkus.platform:quarkus-maven-plugin:3.0.1.Final:update -N -Dstream=3.0

gradle -PquarkusPluginVersion=3.0.1.Final quarkusUpdate --stream=3.0



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