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Neo4j OGM with Quarkus extension (Update)

#neo4j #quarkus wednesday, april 20, 2022

In a past video, I’ve been showing how to use Neo4j OGM in a Quarkus application. While the procedure and dependencies are still basically the same, there is now a new, handy Quarkus extension that you should check out. I’ve created a video that shows how to use it and the difference to the previous approach:



With the dependency, you can simply @Inject OGM’s SessionFactory in your code, which will be created and configured for you. If you need additional configuration, you can adapt the Neo4j-specific properties. This extension also makes the automated scanning of your entity classes more deterministic and reliable.

More information


Update 2022-05-07

The Maven coordinates of the extension have moved to the org.neo4j group ID. You can update the dependency to the following:



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