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Quickly creating URIs with UriBuilder

#jaxrs wednesday, april 01, 2020

If you have access to the JAX-RS API and an implementation in your projects (many do), then you can use JAX-RS' UriBuilder to conveniently create URIs via builder pattern using resolvable placeholder.

Have a look at the following example:

String host = System.getProperty("host", "localhost");
String port = System.getProperty("port", "8080");

URI uri = UriBuilder.fromUri("http://{host}:{port}/examples")
        .queryParam("sort", "name")
        .build(host, port);

Depending on whether the system properties are present, the resulting uri will be http://localhost:8080/examples/123?sort=name, or any host and port which is overridden.

This is a convenient way to create flexible URIs for tests where the target system may change for different scopes. This API is available in everything that supports JAX-RS, for example Open Liberty, Quarkus, or other Jakarta or MicroProfile implementations.

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