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Using JAX-RS exceptions for status codes

#jaxrs monday, december 04, 2017

One way to send specific HTTP (error) status codes from a JAX-RS resource is to use the class with its Builder Pattern-like API. If you want to specify the return type according to the response body, you can still do so and send a different status on errors by throwing a WebApplicationException.

public class TestResource {

    public String hello() {
        if (new Random().nextBoolean())
            throw new WebApplicationException(Response.Status.CONFLICT);

        return "Hello World, " +;


The constructors of this special type of exception accepts Responses, Response.Statuses or int types. The JAX-RS runtime will send the corresponding HTTP statuses and header fields, respectively.

There are also pre-defined subtypes of WebApplicationException for common errors like NotFoundException or BadRequestException.

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