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My Chroma Keying Video Setup

sunday, september 02, 2018

In the past, I’ve been asked multiple times how I built my video chroma keying setup. I’ve recorded a video which explains my motivations for building such a setup and the software and components I’m currently using.

I had the following requirements for such a setup:

  • Chroma keying for a nice picture in picture view without borders

  • Not affecting the presenter computer’s performance

  • Usable for both recording and video conferencing

  • Proper video & audio quality, despite live-coding (typing noise)

The components I’m using, besides my working (presenter) computer, are:

A few more things you might take into account:

  • Watch out for audio delays (adjustable in OBS)

  • Appropriate video codecs and settings depending on usage (recording or video conferencing)

  • Proper audio settings (stereo to mono sound, compressor, auto-gain)

  • A setup that is quick and easy to use

Happy chroma-keying :-)


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