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Off to another motorbike dev tour in Japan

#community tuesday, may 01, 2018

This year Steve Chin and myself will go on our third edition of a developer engagement motorcycle tour in Japan. Maybe you remember the wrap-up video that was shown on last year’s JavaOne conference:

This year, more Japanese community members will join us on smaller parts of the tour. So it will be even more fun driving around the beautiful Japanese landscapes.

This year’s tour will take place from May 3th, until May 27th and will include Java Day Tokyo, the JOnsen unconference, the JJUG spring event and many Java User Groups.

The itinerary looks as follows:

  • May 8th: Kumamoto JUG

  • May 10th: Fukuoka JUG

  • May 11th: Okayama JUG

  • May 14th: Osaka JUG

  • May 15th: Nagoya JUG

  • May 17th: Java Day Tokyo

  • May 18th-20th: JOnsen 2018

  • May 21st: Sendai JUG

  • May 23rd: JavaDo

  • May 26th: JJUG

As you can see, Duke is already excited!

duke jc motorbike

I will speak about how to deploy Java Enterprise applications to service mesh technologies. I’m looking forward to see our community friends from Japan again on the Oracle Dev Tour Japan 2018!


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