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Quarkus' additional (non-standard) CDI features (Video)

#quarkus #jakarta wednesday, april 01, 2020

Quarkus supports CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) 2.0, but not all of it, only the most common features. However, Quarkus does include some non-standard features that can come in quite handy to developers which I want to show in the following video.

Whether or not you’re familiar with CDI, if you use Quarkus you should have a look at the guide for Contexts and Dependency Injection which nicely explains the ins and outs of Quarkus' dependency injection.

For Quarkus' particularities with CDI, the most important takeaways that I see are:

  • Only annotated bean mode is supported (annotate your beans with scopes)

  • Unused beans might be removed at build time

  • Producer methods and fields, observer methods, and scheduled methods are still considered

  • Prefer package-private field injection or constructor injection over private field injection

  • Injection points might not be instatiated right away but lazily, only once used, depending on the scope


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