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MicroProfile 2.2 BOM import support

#microprofile tuesday, february 12, 2019

MicroProfile 2.2 just has been released with updates to the Fault Tolerance, Open Tracing, Open API, and Rest Client APIs. What’s also supported since version 2.2 is the usage of BOM (bill of material) dependency imports.

With that approach we can define the MicroProfile version in the dependencyManagement block and use only the desired MicroProfile projects. You use the MicroProfile version that’s supported by your runtime and will get the correct versions of all corresponding MicroProfile projects. This is also useful in the combination with Java EE.

See the following example Maven POM:

<project xmlns=""






This builds a thin deployment artifact that only ships the compiled classes. The project sources are compiled against the Java EE 8 API, the MicroProfile Config 1.3 and Fault Tolerance 2.0 APIs.


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