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Java EE workshops in Munich

tuesday, september 06, 2016

In November I will hold Java EE related workshops in the beautiful city of Munich again. The topics will include:

This workshop day shows the concept and benefits of a Hypermedia driven REST API and how to implement this using JavaEE 7 with JAX-RS.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Motivation behind using REST services with Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State

  • Showing several approaches and Hypermedia content types

  • JAX-RS and Java EE 7 features that simplify the implementation of Hypermedia

  • Collective coding of a complex Hypermedia REST API with Java EE 7

These two workshop days cover the whole topic of testing Java Enterprise applications.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Different approaches, kinds and scopes of tests

  • Unit / Integration / System / Acceptance / Performance tests

  • Test frameworks (JUnit, Mockito, Arquillian, etc.)

  • Best practices for developing and maintaining tests

  • System test scenarios and how to realize them

  • Collective coding of a complex, automated testing pipeline of a Java EE application

These three workshop days cover the motivations behind Continuous Deployment pipelines, at which benefits and challenges they come and how to convert an application pipeline from manual deployments to a fully automated version.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Motivation behind Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment

  • Development processes and productivity of automation

  • CI servers

  • Immutable builds and immutable infrastructure

  • Benefits and challenges of container technologies

  • Importance of tests in the pipeline

  • Code quality tools

  • Collective implementation of a fully automated Continuous Delivery pipeline


The workshops are held in the offices of Eppleton and will per default be held in German. It is by request possible to hold them in English equally well.

The seats are however limited. If you have a group of developers who would like to attend one of my Java EE workshops as well, feel free to contact me. Workshops on demand — also in another place — are possible.


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