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Released JAX-RS Analyzer v0.3

#jaxrsanalyzer thursday, march 12, 2015

Today I released version 0.3 of the JAX-RS Analyzer. Some improvements have been made regarding Java request/response body types, code analysis and JAX-RS parameters. The last changes are:

  • Improved POJO getter analysis for return types (e.g. isSomething()boolean, etc.)

  • Added JDK 1.8 Streams as known methods (analysis will notice and simulate these)

  • Improved JAXB analysis of POJOs (all XmlAccessorType’s, XmlElement and XmlTransient supported)

The Maven plugin usage is updated to:

                <!-- Available backends, defaults to plaintext -->
                <!-- <backend>plaintext</backend> -->
                <!-- <backend>swagger</backend> -->

Have a look at the current version.


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