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JavaOne 2016 sessions

friday, september 02, 2016

For the first time I’ll be speaking at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. You can find me in following sessions.

I’ll speak about how the benefits of having a Hypermedia-enabled REST API and how to implement this with JAX-RS and Java EE technology.

I’ll discuss the “enterprise framework being ‘lightweight’ or not” debate, will show why Java EE has nothing to do with the old J2EE world anymore and why it is now the most productive and straightforward way of realizing entprise applications.

That session by Java Community Managers Stephen Chin and Yolande Porier will be about the Java Community, how to participate and whatelse cool stuff there is and can be done in the world of Java. As the title says, the rest is yet a secret, of course ;-)

I’m already looking forward to speaking at JavaOne. Hoping to see you in one of these sessions!


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