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Using Maven Efficiently

#java #maven friday, june 30, 2023

Apache Maven is the most-used build tool in the Java world and omnipresent in the ecosystem. But so are over-usages and not-ideal practices when using Maven. In this video, I want to share my experiences and tips on how to be more pragmatic and efficient when using Maven.




  • Keep your Maven pom.xml lean and simple

  • Keep your dependencies lean

  • Use Maven to build your application artifacts, not the whole world (containers, deployment, etc.)

  • Consider using mvn clean package for your Java projects (triggered via shell alias)

  • dependency:tree, help:effective-pom and IDE tools can support you in debugging dependency & plugin issues

  • Convention over configuration: Project structure, pom.xml definitions, properties, Surefire vs. Failsafe tests

  • Rather avoid Maven modules


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