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New Quarkus Workshop Dates in December 2022

#quarkus #testing friday, august 12, 2022

I’ll be holding two full-day online workshops on how to do modern, effective development with Quarkus, at the end of December. These workshops aim to boost your knowledge, skills, and productivity for developing and testing modern enterprise applications.

Have a look at the individual workshop pages and their agendas, for details:

If you can’t decide which one to attend, you can book the workshop package for both days and save some money.


The workshops will be conducted via Zoom, and attendees can turn on their microphone and camera for questions, since questions are highly welcome. These workshops are supposed to be as interactive as possible, so use your chance to ask questions and get them answered live. Of course, you will get access to the source code to try out things yourself.


You want to self-study instead? Have a look at my on-demand Quarkus video courses.