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Video Courses on Effective Quarkus Development

#java #quarkus #testing saturday, august 27, 2022

Are you interested in learning how to effectively develop Quarkus applications with quality? Not just from a perspective of how to use the technology but especially what’s helpful in real-world projects?

I’ve created two video courses on effective Quarkus development:


Effective Development With Quarkus

effective development quarkus

In this course, we’ll cover how to effectively develop applications with Quarkus. We cover the most important concepts, topics, and technologies to be able to develop Quarkus applications.

We’ll especially focus on real-world projects, what is actually required to write successful applications. From the vast collection of Quarkus technologies and extensions, we’re focusing on the ones that you’re going to use in developing your projects, and on what makes the most sense from a project’s perspective.

For a curriculum and to enroll, check out the course page.


Effective Testing With Quarkus (Early Access)

effective testing quarkus

In this course, we’ll cover how to effectively test enterprise applications developed in Quarkus. We’ll cover different test scopes, approaches, and tools.

This is the course that you’ve been looking for how to do effective testing, not just for “Hello world” applications, but real-world use cases. We will compare different scopes and approaches, how to assess when what makes sense, and which tools add value to our toolkit.

The course is still under development and new sections will appear online as they are published. You can already purchase this course and your access remains valid after the course has been fully published.

For a curriculum and to enroll, check out the course page.


Quarkus Bundle

quarkus bundle

Both Quarkus courses sound interesting? Have a look at the bundle and save some money.


Quarkus Workshops in December 2022

You would like to have the possibility to ask me questions? If you have no plans on Dec 12th and 13th and want to attend an interactive virtual workshop, have a look at my Quarkus workshops in December. In these workshop days we cover an equivalent content of the video courses, so you can choose what you prefer.