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Video Course — Event Sourcing, Distributed Systems & CQRS

#cqrs thursday, february 02, 2017

I’m announcing a new free video course on the topic of event sourcing, distributed systems & CQRS.

The course is be published in several episodes. They are showing the concepts of both event sourcing and event-driven architectures, where the motivations and benefits of this approaches are and — of course — how to realize these concepts using Java technology.

Furthermore I showcase the concepts using a scalable, distributed “coffee-shop” example and Apache Kafka as event store.

So enjoy watching!


1. Shortcomings of CRUD

2. The eventually consistent real-world

3. Event Sourcing

4. Benefits of event sourced architectures

5. Introduction to event-driven architectures

6. Introduction to CQRS

7. How to build an Event Store

8. Scalable, event-driven coffee shop

9. Implementation in Java EE

10. Using Kafka with Java

11. Running the scalable coffee shop


The demo application is available on GitHub.


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